To publish content either we will set up an automated process to import it from your website content management system (CMS) or the content will need to be entered manually.

If you don't already have your content in some sort of database and don't have the time to enter it manually through our CMS, we can do this for you as a service.

Even if we import content automatically from your CMS, you will still need to use the content structure for your mobile website and app. It's a very simple process and typically only takes a few hours to organize everything to your satisfaction.

Step 1 - Import or Enter Content

Gather any assets you want included in your app. Create and edit content items that can contain:

Step 2 - Organize Your Content

Once the majority of your content is entered, you will need to organize it into Guides and Sections. Think of this as the main table of contents for your app. Unlike traditional printed materials, however, you can include the same content item in multiple parts of your table of contents.

Step 3 - Review & Proof Content

We have an interanal QA process in place to ensure proper delivery of your application. The review process can reslult in making updates, we will work with you thru the entire approval process.

We suggest you do the following to proof your app prior to publication:

Step 4 - Submit to App Stores

This is where we do the heavy lifting for you. You tell us what content is to be published on what date and we do the rest for you.


Planning your app or website is easy. We provide example outlines and best-practice guides to make it a seamless experience. You may hear people say that a mobile app or website is just for people when they're "on the street" trying to find something to do or see what's nearby. Our usage data shows otherwise - depending on your destination, well over 50% of your app or website usage may be outside your area. People are using mobile to explore and plan.


While all of the screens can be customized to your brand, one of the most important is the home screen. In this section you can see a wireframe schematic of some of the options available on the home screen. The information on the home screen can be laid out in a variety of ways, and can be styled to match your brand. We can include other text, image or video content on your home screen as needed.


This is where MetroTwins Media does the heavy lifting for you. You tell us what content is to be published on what date and we do the rest for you. We build the final application and submit it to the various application stores with your requested publication date. The application won't be published before that date but may be published after it if the store's review process is backlogged. We recommend submitting several weeks before the requested publication date.


Application sales numbers are directly influenced by brand, cross-promotion, word of mouth, and referrals from influential web sites and blogs. The stronger the original brand, the stronger the sales of the mobile applications. User reviews of a mobile application are also a key purchasing persuader. Good reviews are worth their weight in gold. Poor reviews that appear to be mean-spirited or unfair can be overcome. Poor reviews that are well written and balanced can be the death knell for a product. It is necessary to actively manage your user reviews by addressing poor reviews, especially early on.