How It Works

MetroTwins Media provides a simple step-by-step process for designing, building and publishing your mobile apps. We will work with you to plan and assemble your feature-rich mobile app. You can instantly preview your creations on your Android or iOS device's web browser. Once your app is complete, we can publish it to the AppStore, Google Play Marketplace, and even a mobile website.

Developmental phases of an app can be broken out into four major groups - developing a vision, creating a layout for functionality, designing the app, and launching the app.

1. The Beginning: Developing a Vision

This is the stage when you will first begin to evaluate how an app will benefit your company and what you want that app to include. By creating a vision for your app, you can begin to mold the outcome of its development to ensure that you are satisfied with the end result. At this point, it is important to develop your idea in relation to how the app will provide value to your business and your customers.

You can choose from several broad categories as you begin to decide what type of app you want to create: interactive, informational, game, etc. While simple apps will typically be less expensive and quicker to create, they may not become as popular as apps such as games that have the tendency to go viral. It may also be a good time to think about your budget and how much you plan to spend on the app so that you can discuss budgetary constraints with your app developer.

2. The Next Step: Creating a Layout for Functionality

At this stage, it is best to avoid seeking out a programmer for help because in most cases, they won't deliver what you want or need. Instead, take some time to go through the process to understand what will be involved and what you want your app to contain. You should make sure that you go through each step and each function of the app so that you will know what happens when each portion of the app is used. Even very simple apps often have a myriad of steps and processes that can be completed by the user.

3. Taking it to the Next Level: Designing Your App

Apps, unlike other web based platforms, typically take an entire team of people to design and develop. Designers will typically begin to shape the aesthetics of the app once the basic functionality and layout have been defined with the programmer. After selecting key color schemes, themes, and designs for the app, the designer will send the finalized elements to the programmer, who will typically just drop them in the right places. Designing a beautiful and appealing app is one of the most important elements of the app development process so select a designer that can represent your brand in an appealing way. A few design elements that you will need to select include icons, splash screens, and all imagery needed to create a cohesive experience for the user.

4. The Launch: Releasing Your App to the Public

Once the app has been built, we can help you launch it and release it to the public thru the Apple I-Tunes store or the Google Play market.

5. How are updates handled?

We can help make all updates to your app. Pay per page of updates or choose a Maintenance package for UNLIMITED updates. This includes content, images, videos & more.

6. How long does it take?

To estimate the time to complete your mobile website and apps, consider each of these steps:



1. Plan Content and Structure


1-2 weeks


2. Prepare or Import Content


1-4 weeks


3. Review Content


1 week


4. Design & Configure Your App


1 week, can run concurrently with content preparation


5. Proof Your Website and App


1-2 weeks


6. Launch


1 day to submit apps to app stores

2-14 days for app store approval typically, although we can’t make any guarantees.

Mobile website can launch immediately


Making mobile apps & websites with MetroTwins Media. You'll follow four easy steps to create your mobile website or native apps


Planning your app or website is easy. We provide example outlines and best-practice guides to make it a seamless experience. You may hear people say that a mobile app or website is just for people when they are "on the street" trying to find something to do or see what's nearby. Our usage data shows otherwise - depending on your destination, well over 50% of your app or website usage may be outside your area. People are using mobile to explore and plan.


While all of the screens can be customized to your brand, one of the most important is the home screen. In this section you can see a wireframe schematic of some of the options available on the home screen. The information on the home screen can be laid out in a variety of ways, and can be styled to match your brand. We can include other text, image or video content on your home screen as needed.


This is where MetroTwins Media does the heavy lifting for you. You tell us what content is to be published on what date and we do the rest for you. We build the final application and submit it to the various application stores with your requested publication date. The application won't be published before that date but may be published after it if the store's review process is backlogged. We recommend submitting several weeks before the requested publication date.


Application sales numbers are directly influenced by brand, cross-promotion, word of mouth, and referrals from influential web sites and blogs. The stronger the original brand, the stronger the sales of the mobile applications. User reviews of a mobile application are also a key purchasing persuader. Good reviews are worth their weight in gold. Poor reviews that appear to be mean-spirited or unfair can be overcome. Poor reviews that are well written and balanced can be the death knell for a product. It is necessary to actively manage your user reviews by addressing poor reviews, especially early on.